Bread & Roses Solidarity Fund for COVID-19 Organizing

Proceeds from AMP’s 2020 team store sales benefitted the Bread & Roses Solidarity Fund for COVID-19 Organizing and we want to encourage others to learn about and invest with the organization!

Bread & Roses believes “that the people in the best position to create real change are those who are most affected by injustice and inequality,” and their COVID fund was created with the intent that “only through organizing can we work effectively for a just and humane response from governments, corporations, and other institutions.”

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Photo credit: Hanbit Kwon and Bread & Roses

Black Lives Matter

Along with the rest of the nation, we grieve the unjust police killing of George Floyd, and we are determined to resist the structural racism that plagues our communities. We believe that the corruption and racism embedded in our policing, criminal justice, and economic systems are the root cause of these issues. We are especially saddened by the violence and oppression occurring in our own community, where the police have escalated conflict with peaceful demonstrators.

AMP recognizes the privilege inherent with our majority white team, and we seek to better understand how we can best support our community, as well as how we can change and grow to be better allies in the future.

The work of Black Lives Matter Philadelphia is especially vital – organizing protests and providing a communication hub for the community. Alongside Philly Womxn Club, AMP matched community members’ donations to Black Lives Matter Philadelphia; team and community contributions totaled $10,530. Continue to donate along with us at

United States National Team

Philadelphia was well represented at tryouts for the 2020 WJUC and WUGC national teams. Current and former AMP teammates Anna Thompson, Carolyn Normile, Linda Morse, Michael Ing, Nicky Spiva, and Raha Mozaffari were honored with selections to the 2020 Team USA rosters.

AMP 2019’s Michael Ing, Danielle Walsh, Sean Mott, Raha Mozaffari, Linda Morse, and Natalie Bova joined Casey Gorman, Billy Sickles, Carolyn Normile, and Nicky Spiva, representing Philadelphia at the 2020 WUGC east coast tryouts.
Anna Thompson and Patrick Sherlock at the 2020 WUGC west coast tryouts.

2019 Team Awards

Congrats to AMP’s 2019 flamingo winners – Malti McKinnon, Sean Mott, Paul Owens, Luke Ryan, Jake Butrica, Natalie Bova and Bethany Eldridge.

AMP’s 2019 Breakout Player of the Year was Malti McKinnon. After a strong rookie season in 2018, Malti worked to raise her game throughout the off-season and then dominated across the summer with athletic skies and clutch blocks – most notably on universe point in semi-finals. Teammates complimented Malti’s “drive to improve, competitiveness, defensive technique, positioning and finishes” as well as the challenge she posed to every matchup when attacking on offense.
AMP relies on our newest teammates to raise the group’s level with their talent and personality each season. Paul Owens, 2019 Rookie of the Year, gained notice for his clutch plays, but was most impactful constantly supporting, encouraging, competing with and celebrating his teammates each practice and scrimmage. Teammates complimented his reliable, creative, dynamic and explosive play on the field, as well as his “team attitude, ambition, humility and composure” helping AMP thrive in big moments.
Sean Mott received AMP’s 2019 Leadership Award. Mott’s explosive catches, creative throws and clutch playmaking under pressure are matched by his equally essential strength making plays that organize the field and make success possible for the rest of the line. His constant accountability, thoughtful contributions to strategy, and advice and encouragement for teammates allowed the team to compete, and grow, each point, game and tournament of the season.
Our female Teammate of the Year, Bethany Eldridge, owned an influential reserve role as a cutter and defender and impacted our season immeasurably with her leadership. Always thoughtful, intentional and pro-active, Bethany’s perspective focused teammates on communicating with, caring for and celebrating each other as productively as possible, and her work ethic, dedication to growth, blocks, layouts and throws epitomized the ambition, skill and style that’s made AMP successful.
AMP’s male Teammate of the Year stood out from the first tryout of the season. Jake’s effort, preparation and skill set the standard for our play on the field while his joy, enthusiasm and affection for team and teammates raised every player off the field. Jake grew his game throughout the year and played with confidence, delivering exactly what AMP needed in every situation – hucks, breaks, fakes, takeaways, cowboy calls and distinct dance moves.
Our Team Award honoree for 2019 was Luke Ryan. An essential play-maker on the field and hype man off the field, Luke makes a difference as a cutter, defender and leader sharing his passion, energy, insight and advice to advance everyone else’s game. Teammates noted his rehab from injury, earnestness competing, aggressiveness attacking on O and reckless disregard for his body while seeking Ds as keys to the season.
Natalie Bova was AMP 2019’s MVP – her relentless play, personality and leadership influenced every game and each teammate across the season. Teammates noted her ability to compete fearlessly and show her talent while taking on nearly every role on the field, as well as her energy and effort on the sideline. Natalie’s attitude and athleticism made an impact through practices, workouts, hangouts, conversations, celebrations and big plays – fittingly she caught the winning goal, twice, that finished AMP’s 2019 championship season.

2019 Tryouts

Email to join our 2019 email list. Tryouts start May 4 and 5! AMP’s seeking women and men eager to improve and make an impact together, representing Philadelphia against the top teams in the country this summer.