San FrAMPcisco

Just a week after Chesapeake, AMP made our second-ever trip to San Francisco for the Mixed Labor Day tournament [actually held inland at UC Davis]. Most of the team arrived a day early and enjoyed Friday visiting the city: the Sutro Baths, Golden Gate Bridge, Mission and downtown.

The team at Twin Peaks in San Francisco before Mixed Labor Day.

Our tournament pool featured all new opponents, from San Diego, Oregon and the Bay Area, on Saturday morning. AMP started the game against Southern California’s On The Rocks a step slow, failing to focus on defense after turnovers, yielding 3 breaks before a Bulb point-block on the goalline following a deep turnover led to a quick conversion to put the team on the board. We were unable to score despite 4 takeaways after the pull on our next point, and needed an endzone layout from Dan Furfari to win possession back on the following O, but started to roll immediately afterward, winning 4 breaks in a row en route to an 8-5 halftime lead. AMP added 2 more breaks in the second to win 15-10 behind 3 scores from Matt Satell and 4 assists from Dan Furfari. Round 2 against Engine 45 would be a game of runs. After another slow start, AMP traded until 3-5 before taking 4 in a row and nearly winning the point for half as well. The cap came on with the score still in single digits and Engine answered with a 4-point run of their own to win 9-7.

AMP cured the slow-starting problem in the final pool play round against American BBQ, trading the first few points. However, with the defense unable to generate break opportunities, BBQ’s pressure started to wear down our O-line. The Bay Area team took the game 15-6 and we refocused for our crossover against Colorado’s Killjoy. Finally feeling more familiar with our smaller roster and playing confidently, AMP jumped out to a 5-1 lead behind a mix of defensive looks. Killjoy had closed to 10-11 late in the second half, but AMP converted on O and broke on the last point for a 14-11 win; Jesse Gormley scoring 3 of the last 4 points as well as generating the final point take-away.

Unfortunately an evening on the town in Davis, and a round of Seinfeld trivia before bed, failed to cure our slow starting problem on Sunday morning as AMP gifted Grassface an early lead in pre-quarters through a series of out-of-bounds hucks and short turns. The team gained confidence in the second half however, despite losing 9-14, and carried our play into the consolation bracket against BW. After a 14-10 win over the young team we found significant success running zone against Sacramento’s Capitol Punishment, converting 7 points in a row and 11 breaks total for a 15-6 win. Matt Zumbrum had 4 goals, Andrea DeSabato and Jessie Morris 2 each, while Matt Satell recorded 2 blocks, 4 assists and 2 goals.

AMP finished the tournament in the game for 9th place facing a rematch with Killjoy. This time the Colorado team broke first, though AMP immediately regained the break and kept the game on serve into the cap. Both teams played tight defense, working hard to earn points and regain the disc after turns. Pulling up 12-11 AMP failed to convert after forcing a throwaway, but then stalled Killjoy on the goalline and scored through Jesse Gormley for the win. The stat sheet became a bit unclear late in the day, but Raha Mozaffari played a role either throwing or catching 7 goals. Harrison Treegoob added 2 goals, 3 assists and 2 Ds.

Finished with our first trip to Labor Day since 2007, and pleased with our winning record and improving team play, AMP enjoyed a team dinner of Thai food and some drinks around the hotel pool before a final day exploring San Francisco on Monday and a redeye flight home on the holiday evening. With the new “regular season” stakes the summer was a significant test to AMP’s strategy of using pre-series tournaments to test our roster, develop roles and new strategies; keeping patient and our focus long-term was difficult in the face of weekly ranking updates. With Sectionals just a week away the team is eager to earn our place with head to head results on the field.

AMP’s 18-person roster represented the team well on the West Coast.

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